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Belberry flavors

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When Andre Vandererfven, a small-scale delicatessen owner in the medieval west Flemish town of Kortrijk since 1956, was asked by the local pharmacist’s wife to produce a batch of marmalade according to her family’s ancient recipe, he started a modest production of preserves using traditional methods to sell in his store.

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The original recipes of the traditionally made preserves of Belberry, have been crafted more than a century ago. Since then they have been preserved carefully as valuable treasures. The secret of jams, brimful of taste? Top quality fruits, not too much sugar, a slow production process in open kettle… and the loving hand of our ‘master jam-makers’. The different varieties – from the big classics to the more dared combinations will bring you each time in ecstasy during your daily breakfast.

Nowadays, you can find Belberry preserves and delicatessen in the best department stores, the finest deli shops and gourmet

stores all over the world. Nothing beats the exquisite taste of traditional-made food, carefully crafted with the best ingredients.

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