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Joan Lao

Joan Lao is usually referenced as an icon of the international design and his works are recognized in Spain, North America, Latin America and Middle East . For more than 20 years, he is also known by achieve different levels of design.

His work is easily recognizable, Joan believes in the energy of objects, in their personality and spirit. Entering  in one of the spaces designed by him is getting in touch with an atmosphere of tranquility and peacefulness.

Joan Lao joan lao1

He has always been faithful to his vision and this is expressed by his concept of shape and volume. His work also presents a immediate emotional response, harmony balance and durability.

Joan Lao joao lao2

Since adolescence Joan Loan showed his incredible skills and interior design passion, and in 1985 opened his first studio and has now more than 3000 projects presented not only in furniture, lamps, tapestries and objects. His work has also been published in many magazines, books or even on TV.

Joan Lao joan lao vi 023

His pieces are exhibited all over the world and some of his creations have been hosted by museums. His interior projects were mainly applied to private houses and apartments, hotels and commercial projects receiving several awards.

Joan Lao 136 bito alta