This collection was developed and inspired based on the known gold tradition of Viana or of the Minho, north of Portugal, after a time travel into the past and a study of the vast spoils of the existent collection of works of the gold and filigree, this of which led and gave origin to this furniture collection. Viana, icon and place of consume, is gold that women from Viana use. Produced in Gondomar and in the villages of Povoa de Lanhoso and other regions in the Minho. We speak of feminine gold; this is what the women used in the past, today charm the chest of all the ladies. A set of wanted adornments which consists since the end of the XVIII century and throughout the whole XIX century, as a rumor which appeared in the barroco period to which were joined pendent’s in hearts which originate from the devotion of the sacred heart of Jesus, the popular “senhora do caneco” which leads to a cult of the immaculate Conceição and also gold which is used for the pendentes in the libras.



This piece comes in tribute to Women of Minho, these Women of great value, women of ‘arms /weapons’ that from the reaping hook made a sword. That lusa history has granted a golden page. By often being the structural basis of the family ‘ “Woman-mother and young woman”, in insatiable strength of age. Effulgent anthem hymn to love, beauty, freedom, hot Symphony affection. Cathedral of patience and tenderness, Guardian of innocence, scent/perfume of flower.»







The inspiration for this product comes from a jewelery objects with greater symbolic connotations. The “RING” symbol of alliance / liaison / sentimental commitment / marriage / fidelity / complicity. Where “The Romans believed that on the fourth finger of our left hand ran a vein (vein of love) that was directly linked to the heart, custom culturally carried on until today.






More than just a symbol of beauty displayed on the chest of all women in the past, the pound was a sign of wealth, first produced in 1489 under the reign of Henry VII as the largest gold coin.

Based on one of those ouches of 3 Libras, appears this work “self-esteem”.

This mirror features an engraving of the face of two personalities of emphases worldwide, from the most diverse areas, (cinema/sport/societies, etc.) the mirror is in the center of the piece, so when we look at ourselves in the mirror, alongside our reflection are these two personalities, resulting in us a sense of well-being and self-esteem.




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