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If a first class airplane reaches a particular destination spending the same time as an economy class airplane, then what justifies travelling in the more expensive class? Comfort, of course.

But take off half of the seats and improve some extra space will certainly not be enough to design a quality executive class. In addition to personalized service, meals that retrace the world’s best restaurants and space for travelers, there is still an essential detail for the cabins where the world’s most demanding personalities travel: design.

LUFTHANSA RE-DESIGNS FIRST CLASS first class lufthansa2 e1344025790714

With it in mind, Lufthansa, one of the largest companies in the aviation’s world, has invested the last ten years hiring designers to rethink the planes’ space and turn them into something beautiful and yet functional. The requirement was that the seats faced forward of the aircraft to maximize the comfort of the journey, and not that they fit with each other in different positions like Tetris games, as it’s commonly found in other companies.

Starting by the percurse to get to the final destination, the experience of the travelers now could be richer, ’cause, especially in the longer courses, there’s no sense in crossing the world expecting new experiences, activities and cultures but without the disposition to live everything because of a terrible airplane travel.

LUFTHANSA RE-DESIGNS FIRST CLASS first class lufthansa3 e1344025953807

Pearson Lloyd studio was the one that solved the puzzle that involved comfort, technology, beauty and economy of space. The idea was to position the seats V-shaped, which at first seems very intimate for two travellers who may not know each other, but it solves the problem perfectly when the seats are opened as beds, since the heads are separated and there is an excellent use of the space for legs.

The perfect balance between functionality and beauty generated an increase in the number of first class customers without investing in new airplanes or routes.

LUFTHANSA RE-DESIGNS FIRST CLASS first class lufthansa21 e1344026021233

Now there’s no excuses, what’s gonna be the next destination?