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Mana Skull | World’s Jewelry iPhone 6 – April 2015

Next April, MANA SKULL will introduce the latest high-tech jewelry. After Falcon Luxury, Mana Skull will be the next brand to offer 18K solid gold iPhone products.

The design idea is from 17th century vanitas art of the Baroque period. And this iPhone 6 with 18K solid gold back will include 319 premium white diamonds, 2,009 premium black diamonds and 2,595 yellow diamonds totalling up to 10.21 carats.

jewelry-iphone_mana-skull-worlds-jewelry-iphone-6  Mana Skull | World’s Jewelry iPhone 6 - April 2015 jewelry iphone mana skull worlds jewelry iphone 6

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This master piece is crafted over 320 hours using a unique gold-plating technique to reach the limit of perfection.

Only 50 limited edition pieces will be available worldwide.