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Most amazing Places do visit in Europe

ClubDelux were on holidays and wondering through Europe and United States. For this post we have selected the best awesome places to visit in Europe. Actually there are truly some places we should visit in the World before you die.

Summer is just around the corner, so why shouldn’t we plan a visit around Europe to meet some of the most wonderful places of the ancient continent.

We recommend for travel lovers the most amazing places to visit in Europe…

San Marino

san-marino_most-amazing-places-do-visit-in-europe  Most amazing Places do visit in Europe san marino most amazing places do visit in europe

The Republic of San Marino claims to be the oldest sovereign country in the world. It is a microstate surrounded by Italy and has a population of 32.000. The capital of San Marino is the City of San Marino but the largest city is Dogana.

You will love San Marino if you are into souvenirs, the streets are lined with shops on both sides and many sell jewelry made of the famous Murano Glass.

San Marino is best visited in the summer as the climate is Mediterranean with warm summers but cool winters. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Europe that are a little off the beaten tourist track, but still very beautiful, this is the place.



liechtenstein_most-amazing-places-do-visit-in-europe  Most amazing Places do visit in Europe liechtenstein most amazing places do visit in europe

A small, Germany-speaking country landlocked between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a very prosperous nation that boasts some of the most scenic mountain terrain in the world. This is one of the places to visit in Europe that most never even think about!

The capital city of Vaduz is a modern city with lots of things to do, like museums, high-end shopping, and sightseeing of some of the area’s top attractions like the architecturally-interesting government buildings and the Vaduz Castle.



Santorini_most-amazing-places-do-visit-in-europe  Most amazing Places do visit in Europe Santorini most amazing places do visit in europe

Santorini (Thira) is an island part of the Ciclades that took its name from Saint Irina (as given by the Venetians in the thirteen century). The small island of not more than 15,000 people attracts more than 1 million tourists every year.

Santorini charms you from the first moment you lay your feet on its ground with small streets lost between white houses with turquoise blue rooftops, crystal clear waters, black beaches, red volcano beaches, a white beach reachable only by boat from Akrotiri or swimming, seafood served on seashores restaurants, ouzo drinks on crowded clubs in Fira, relaxed and chilled people making you feel like there is no need to hurry and that when you’re on the island the time stops.


The Blue Lagoon

the-blue-lagoon-iceland_most-amazing-places-do-visit-in-europe  Most amazing Places do visit in Europe the blue lagoon iceland most amazing places do visit in europe

The misty, milky-blue waters of the Blue Lagoon are a must for anyone who loves soaking in hot waters–it is the largest hot tub I’ve ever experienced.

What’s really amazing is to find out that a plant next door uses sea water to make heat and electricity for the area, then pipes in the leftover mineral-rich hot water to the lagoon.

To save precious tourist time, many travelers stop in on their way to or from the airport because the site is located about halfway between down Reykjavik and the airport.


Madeira islands

madeira_most-amazing-places-do-visit-in-europe  Most amazing Places do visit in Europe madeira most amazing places do visit in europe

The magnificent volcanic island of Madeira may be part of Portugal but it’s actually closer to Africa, which explains its warmer waters and climate.

Although small, its landscapes range from arid moonscapes to lush subtropical forests with splashes of colour from year-round flowers. Hikers are spoilt for choice with jaw-dropping scenery seemingly at every turn. Some of the best views include the crater and mountains at Nun’s Valley.


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