Top 5 – Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys



Sex brings a lot of excitement to our lives. Although, over the years, civilization continues to shy away from explicitly use of the word ‘sex’. But the era of high technology has brought a lot of innovation that offers comfort and luxury to life with a new whole of techniques and tools that enhance human sexuality.

While buying a birthday present to one of my best friends, I could not help it but wonder about sex toys…

We all have see it, some of us have tried it, but the majority of us don’t know the amount of money can someone spend in a unique sex toy!

From the research I made, the most exclusive and expensive sex toy ever is the one David Beckham offered Victoria during one of her pregnancies. Designed by Peter Stringfellow, a London strip-club owner, the vibrator is made of platinum, with a 10k diamond encrusted base that is linked to a 16k diamond necklace. Although it’s considered to be one of the insanely expensive sex toys and pieces of art on the sex market, there are no pictures available.

victoria-and-david-beckham-Top-5–Most-Expensive-and-Unique-Sex-Toys  Top 5 – Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys victoria and david beckham Top 5   Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys

So… Society has embraced a lot of taboos when ir comes to sex, but humanity has been finding new ways of experiencing the joys and the delights of sex. Sex toys are becoming more and more common today, they come in all styles, shapes, and makes, designed for different sexual experiences and keep you sex life alive and full of adventure.


5. Gold Tickler

Gold-Tickler-Top-5–Most-Expensive-and-Unique-Sex-Toys  Top 5 – Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys Gold Tickler Top 5   Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys

Made of 18k gold and adorned with marabou feathers, the Gold Tickler is a sex toy buyable on the market for about $4,506. It was designed to combine pleasure with luxury in this exotic Italian sex toy.


4. Lelo’s Inez Gold

Lelo-Inez-24-Karat-Gold-Vibrator-Top-5–Most-Expensive-and-Unique-Sex-Toys  Top 5 – Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys Lelo Inez 24 Karat Gold Vibrator Top 5   Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys

Designed to be compatible with the female sex organ and has a specially designed egg bend. Lelo’s Inez is a gold plated vibrator crafted from 18 carat gold, and designed to combine pleasure and elegance. It can be bought for approximately $15,000 and it is a lovely piece to be placed in a lady’s safe or even jewelry box.


3. The Sex Doll

Expensive-and-Costumized-Sex-Dolls-Top-5–Most-Expensive-and-Unique-Sex-Toys  Top 5 – Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys Expensive and Costumized Sex Dolls Top 5   Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys

For about $23,000 it is possible to created a customized sex doll, human-sized and perfectly resembling a person. One of the great things about these dolls is that they can be modified, and reshaped to have the features the buyer wants. For example, it can also be chosen special add-ons like facial expressions, she-male genitalia, and others.


2. Victor Phantasm

victor-phantasm-Top-5–Most-Expensive-and-Unique-Sex-Toys  Top 5 – Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys victor phantasm Top 5   Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys

The Victor Phantasm can always be used in a different marriage proposal, due to its 18-carat diamond ring mounted on the dildo. Designed by a Parisian Jeweler, the toy comes in different sizes, and it can be bought for around $59,000. The beauty sex toy is certainly an object of pleasure, but it can also be one of the pricey pieces of jewelry to keep, because of its 177 diamonds ring.


1. The Royal Pearl

The-Royal-Pearl-Top-5–Most-Expensive-and-Unique-Sex-Toys  Top 5 – Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys The Royal Pearl Top 5   Most Expensive and Unique Sex Toys

For art and erotica aficionados, this vibrator is the master piece of absolutely luxury. With a design of Colin Burn and his business partner, Nicole Gallus. The control piece can be detached and fitted on a necklace. It’s, for sure, the most eye-catching vibrator, embellished with 1000 white and pink sapphires, pearls, diamonds, and it can be bought for $1M



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