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Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014!

Top-expensive-&-sexy-lingerie-of-2014!  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! Top expensive sexy lingerie of 2014

The hot time is coming and every women loves to feel sexy. Club Delux makes a list of the Top expensive and sexy lingerie in the World. In this list you can find the perfect sexy lingerie to your body and a sexy lingerie for every special occasion or outfit.

IIn first place is Bordelle.

Lingerie Inspired Swimwear for Spring-Summer-2013-from-Bordelle  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! Lingerie Inspired Swimwear for Spring Summer 2013 from Bordelle

Bordelle is an unconventional luxury brand of sexy lingerie and outerwear. This luxurious brand is known for their lustrous, strappy panels and unexpected combination of playful details with serious and strict designs, their look is truly like nothing else. Pure lust and true craftsmanship come together in these made-to-be-seen pieces. One of the biggest fan of this expensive and luxurious Langerie is Lady Gaga.

bordelle_spring-summer-2014-expensive-sexy-lingerie  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! bordelle spring summer 2014 expensive sexy lingerie

We cannot make a list without  Chantelle.

robyn-lawley-chantelle-lingerie  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! robyn lawley chantelle lingerie

According to the sexy brand, much like a tuxedo is a wardrobe staple and symbol of elegance for a man.  The Parisian esthetic use only super quality fabrics, graphic silhouettes, and precise craftsmanship. Every collection is a statement in the luxury world and represent the French style.

robyn-lawley-chantelle-lingerie-2014-sexy-lingerie  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! robyn lawley chantelle lingerie 2014 sexy lingerie

Another sexy and luxurious lingerie brand is Eres.

eres-lingerie-été-2014-sexy-and-expensive-underwear  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! eres lingerie   t   2014 sexy and expensive underwear

The Eres “savoir-faire” combines an unique textile technology with a pure, refined and sophisticated style. Eres concept is to enhance the body without artifice, to adapt to all figures and individual personalities and to combine luxury, creativity and timelessness in all of their collections.

Lindsey-WixsonVogue-sexy-lingerie-2014-eres  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! Lindsey WixsonVogue sexy lingerie 2014 eres

Last but not least I.D Sarrieri.

I.D-Sarrieri-lingerie-2014-sexy-expensive-lingerie  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! I

I.D. Sarrieri brand evokes sex, seduction, luxurious and extravagance. At the age of 25, Lulia Dobrin purchased a 55 year old lingerie factory and transformed it into the famous luxury lingerie brand it is today. With sophisticated designs, the best and most refined French and Italian silk satins and lace, I.D. Sarrieri will continue to tempt the provocative and the bold.  Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman are same of the celebrities that are fans of this luxurious and sexy lingerie.

I.D-Sarrieri-lingerie-2014-sexy-lingerie  Top expensive & sexy lingerie of 2014! I

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