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Travel trends for 2014

2014 will be a great year, according to the publication’s travel advice columnist Wendy Perrin, 2014 will belong to South America!

With anticipation of the World Cup growing in a steady crescendo, it goes without saying that Brazil will be most wanted destination. But the continent is also garnering attention for its food offerings, dynamism, energy and the beauty of its natural heritage, Perrin points out.

Here we give you a list of the countries you should visit in 2014!

In Brasil you can go to the beach, see the ‘Cristo Redentor’ and see one of the football games of the world cup!

Travel-trens-2014-brazil-beach  Travel trends for 2014 Travel trens 2014 brazil beach

Peru, a country with over 5000 years of history, one of the most diverse nations on the planet and a destination with surfing beaches, Ecosystems that host countless species of flora and fauna, the festival of the sun with costumes and traditions very interesting to know.

travel-trens-2014-peru-festival-of-sun  Travel trends for 2014 travel trens 2014 peru festival of sun

Argentina is known for the original Tango, is a great destination for those who love dance and the tango Culture!

travel-trens-2014-argentina-street-tango  Travel trends for 2014 travel trens 2014 argentina street tango

In Venezuela you must visit the lost world and Angel Falls, 2 places with iconic views!

Travel-trends-2014-venezuela-lost-world  Travel trends for 2014 Travel trends 2014 venezuela lost world

Chile has experienced sustained growth over the last decades. Chile received about 1.25 million foreign visitors in 2006, up to 2.50 million in 2007. The percentages of foreign tourists arrivals by land, air and sea were, respectively, 55.3%, 40.5% and 4.2% for that year.

Travel-trends-Torres-del-Paine-Serrano-River-Chile-1  Travel trends for 2014 Travel trends Torres del Paine Serrano River Chile 1


Writting by Micael Carvalho