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What about a trip to Italy to search home inspiration?

After considering an Italian Architecture Firm to build or reconstruct my future home to be (To build or not to build using a Luxury Italian Architect), I keep wondering why I have never been to Italy…

collage-italy  What about a trip to Italy to search home inspiration? collage italy

I love the food, the history, the luxury Italian cars and fashion brads… Seems to me right now the right kind of mixture to my next trip.

I don’t want to bore you, but after the first calls with the lead architect he asked me about my tastes, my influences, what a dream home should be for me… I cannot help it but to write about my saga to idealize my dream home.

Why should I go to Italy and get my inspirations? Of course the first thing I do before a trip is to look up for stores, but this time I’m going to cheat on fashion with furniture. I’ve always heard and been told about quality of Italian furniture.

I’ve seen Ballarini Interni located in Rovereto, not that far from Verona. Be delighted with brands as B&B Italia and Baxter, in which I can see a lot of furniture, from the dining to the bedroom. But, of course, after take a look and wonder and feel in love with the streets of Romeo and Juliet’s.

Room project at Ballarini Interni  What about a trip to Italy to search home inspiration? ballarini
Room project at Ballarini Interni

And I’ve seen E’Luce too, located in Lecco, quite close to Milano. In there, besides Tom Dixon, we can always get in touch with Foscarini, for example… We cannot think about a unique a luxury house without astonishing lighting. And of course, Milano and its Vitor Emanuel Galleries are just around the corner for a little bit of fun with clothes.

Foscarini Lamps  What about a trip to Italy to search home inspiration? foscarini flyfly suspension red double 001
Foscarini Lamps

From the first research that I’ve done, I will have to start my trip to Italy in the north and not from Rome. But I won’t miss Rome… Because I’ve always heard “When in Rome do as Romans do”