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The-Palomar-Middle-Eastern-cuisine_2015-IT-List  2015 IT List The Palomar Middle Eastern cuisine 2015 IT List

2015 IT List

This post is inspired in the Vogue‘s The 2015 It List and we’ve selected the most luxury points and items from that list.

From cuisine to make up, and from parfum to accessories there’s a lot for us to be much more luxury up in the comming year.

The oddest element we are going to select is…

Palo Santo (rosewood)

rosewood_2015-IT-List  2015 IT List rosewood 2015 IT List

Today is highly used in details and finishes of luxury furnishing brands, but is know also to be used by healers and shamans to “clean spaces and auras” in the ancient times. This mystical wood from Peru has found its way or in in the riders of several big rock bands or in the most stylish homes.


Contouring Make-Up

Contouring-Make-Up_2015-IT-List  2015 IT List Contouring Make Up 2015 IT List

Contouring Make-Up is the most radical way to transform your appearance without surgery. It will be one of the new sets brands are going to bring to the beauty field.



dreamcatcher_2015-IT-List  2015 IT List dreamcatcher 2015 IT ListThese willow and feather webs strung with charms are traditional Native American symbols, woven to catch bad dreams in their threads and prevent them from entering your sleep.

For the believers is the best way to have a wonderful and resting sleep after a working-day.

Lawn Bowls

Lawn-Bowls-Chanel_2015-IT-List  2015 IT List Lawn Bowls 2015 IT List

Lawn bowls was once the preserve of the elderly, but now that they’re all off travelling the world, the sport has had an injection of youth. At Brockwell Park in Brixton, hipsters hired out the greens for birthday parties almost every weekend last summer. Makes tenpin look positively vulgar in comparison.


The Palomar

The-Palomar-Middle-Eastern-cuisine_2015-IT-List  2015 IT List The Palomar Middle Eastern cuisine 2015 IT List

The sublimeness and the atmosphere of Middle Eastern cuisine is going to bring it to a new pop culture. There’s a two-month waiting list for dinner at The Palomar, but it’s still fun to sit at the bar and watch London’s most characterful chefs do what they do best.

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