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coveted-Apples-new-luxury-gadget-Iwatch-photos-800x400  Apple’s New Luxury Gadget coveted Apples new luxury gadget Iwatch photos 800x400

Apple’s New Luxury Gadget

Source: CovetED Magazine

Usually Apple Inc. uses the September annual product presentation to show up the latest items.

Why couldn’t Tim Cook wait for September? Actually iWatch after its announcing last September was after all the most awaited item of the day, so we thought.

coveted-Apple's-new-luxury-gadget-Iwatch-  Apple’s New Luxury Gadget coveted Apples new luxury gadget Iwatch

Apple’s Smart Watch features a lot of new technologies, a pioneering interface and a design that honors the old tradition of watchmaking. Classic materials such as leather and metal were ingeniously combined with state of art technology, resulting in a very peculiar fashion accessory.

It can, for sure, be said that the world’s largest technology company is now in the jewelry business. And also, the design and interface were specifically developed for these small model devices.This device won’t be with us but it will be on us, and is crafted with the most beautiful materials, from stainless steal and sapphire crystal, to anodized aluminum and 18K gold.

Apple’s New Luxury Gadget 2nd edition coveted magazine

Apple released it first wearable, with a whole set of amazing features, and Tim Cook defined it as “the most personal device Apple has ever created”. iWatch brings a whole new personal dimension to time keeping using that has never been done before in a so small but such usable device.

coveted-Apple's-new-luxury-gadget-Iwatch-84  Apple’s New Luxury Gadget coveted Apples new luxury gadget Iwatch 84

Different faces can be used to fulfill the majority of the tastes worldwide, from the most traditional to the most colorful, passing by digital or even simple and elegant to a more fun approach. Customization of the hour-view is the really keyword that suits this high-end watch.

Apple watch is the most advance timepiece ever created, a brand new way to connect with others, with a truly possibility to receive messages and emails, even to answer calls on your watch. The iPhone will not be replaced or dispensable but will definitely interact with this interface in a way some of us were waiting since our childhood.

Even the connection between Apple watches, through “digital touch”, have been though, simple drawings that will appear animated on your friends watch exactly as you sketched, or even the possibility to share your heart beat with someone, being the most intimate way to tell someone you are thinking about them.

coveted-Apple's-new-luxury-gadget-Iwatch-pinterest  Apple’s New Luxury Gadget coveted Apples new luxury gadget Iwatch pinterest

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What about fitness? Can you imagine a world in which our lives are measured in a healthy way everyday? With iWatch we can, it is a comprehensive help in fitness companion, because with a simple readable graphic we are going to be able to see the amount of time that we remain sited and send us inputs to have a healthier life.

Being able to ask Siri questions will be another plus to the watch features, but it is not all… Every notification that we can receive in our iPhone it is automatically uploaded to our Apple watch.

coveted-Apple's-new-luxury-gadget-Iwatch  Apple’s New Luxury Gadget coveted Apples new luxury gadget Iwatch

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iWatch even before its release date and being on the market won a very prestigious award from the 2015 iF Design Awards.

Apple’s New Luxury Gadget bl inspirations 700

But has it been a blast the wrist luxury toy of Apple?

coveted-Apple's-new-luxury-gadget-Iwatch-12  Apple’s New Luxury Gadget coveted Apples new luxury gadget Iwatch 12

Some opinion makers said that although everybody was waiting for the features and the release of iWatch but the center of attentions was truly the new MacBook. Apple new laptop is even more powerful and thinner than its elder brothers; with a 2304 for 1440 resolution is the slender screen the company has ever created. So, there is no wonders why the acclaimed watch has lost some of its attention due too this elegant technological monster.

Source: CovetED Magazine

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