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MTX-Arquitectura-Bordada  Architecture Embroidery by Atelier Montex thumnail 305

Architecture Embroidery by Atelier Montex

01_mtx_arquitectura_bordada  Architecture Embroidery by Atelier Montex 01 mtx arquitectura bordada


One workshop embroidering for Chanel develops  into the world of architecture. Montex Atelier, founded in 1939, creates MTX Broderie Architecturale, a new line of business and research leading knowledge of haute couture to the world of interior design and architecture. Founded in 1939, Atelier Montex has established itself as one of the most innovative partners of Haute Couture. While traditional Embroidery savoir-faire continues to be exercised at the atelier, the company never ceasers to experiment and invent, bringing the techniques and materials of this precious trade toward new possibilities and untried forms of expression. The atelier’s Artistic Director, Annie Trussart, instils this passion for research and artistic curiosity in her staff and collaborators.


3_Acanthe  Architecture Embroidery by Atelier Montex 3 Acanthe


Annie Trussart Project and Pierre-Alain Cornz have devised four themes, expressed in nine pieces, each serving as a path exploring new aesthetic vistas and diverse techniques.A typical mix of hardware materials like steel cables, racks, wire mesh, polyester plates, steel or glass tubes are mixed techniques and materials jewelry and couture. The end result screens, translucent walls or hanging sculptures that divide rooms, separate existential spaces and fill gaps. 



4_Fragment  Architecture Embroidery by Atelier Montex 4 Fragment

Embroidery is reinvented in a dialogue with Architecture. The change of scale results in implementation of new technical solutions, each one taking embroidery savoir-faire in bolder, more unexpected directions. Some examples of jobs created with this technique we saw in the Brera Design District, Milan, in the exhibition “La Broderie fait le mur” last April.  

5_reversible  Architecture Embroidery by Atelier Montex 5 reversible

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