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Dark Jewelry  Dark & Mysterious Jewelry divorce jewelry m

Dark & Mysterious Jewelry

To keep a good balance of fright and luxury , we’ve rounded up the creepiest, most hauntingly beautiful jewelry around.  The most popular Gothic style jewelry are all about darkness, opulence and things associated with death and elegance. You can chose a variety of sterling silver jewelry in the shapes of crosses, dragons, skulls, Celtic knots, or Pagan symbols. Here we chose the most popular design dark pieces tht you will me amazed.

Delfina Delettrez’s jewelry  Dark & Mysterious Jewelry 017902a92a0887da5dd160da5533089a
Delfina Delettrez’s jewelry

 Alexander McQueen made the creep bracelet called Twin Skeleton Jewel Bangle factor on this bracelet is more so for the entire skeleton that wraps around you wrist and holds onto the large Swarovski jewel. The large hinge bangle is made of brass and isn’t so scary that it can’t still be worn on many other occasions. Priced at $595.

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Skeleton Hand Bracelet by Delfina Delettrez’s is the hottest last trand that follows the movement of your wrist, hand and fingers, making it almost come to life. Made from blends of silver and gold, the bracelet features 4.4ct. of diamonds and a large, 11ct. cabochon ruby—showing off just how luxurious you are in this life and the next. Priced at $25,553.


skeleton_hand_bracelet_delfina_delettrez  Dark & Mysterious Jewelry HT 4 skeleton hand bracelet delfina delettrez tk 131030 wmain

The last trend is the skeletal structures by Nika Danielska  that creates wearable bone cage pieces that can be worn under, over or alone (depending on the occasion) and make for some seriously dark drama. The boney, spindly creations may not be best for a packed party, but for a Halloween ball or a quiet little séance gathering at home, it’s perfect.


Nika Danielska   Dark & Mysterious Jewelry 72841 193257310817654 1447745188 n
Nika Danielska


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