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edelbergs-sloop-ballpoint-pens  Edelberg’s Sloop Ballpoint Pens edelbergs sloop ballpoint pens

Edelberg’s Sloop Ballpoint Pens

The most suitable words to describe the Sloop Ballpoint Pens are original, exclusive and powerful luxury goods. The Sloop Ballpoint Pens by Edelberg Haute Manufacture Suisse are distinguished by their excellent qualities of balance and ergonomics making writing particularly fluid and natural.

ClubDelux, the luxury vip club, wanted to bring you a review on these luxury ballpoint pens.

edelbergs-sloop-ballpoint-pens(1)  Edelberg’s Sloop Ballpoint Pens edelbergs sloop ballpoint pens1 e1436170396370

Edelberg’s Sloop Ballpoint Pens boca do lobo

edelbergs-sloop-ballpoint-pens(4)  Edelberg’s Sloop Ballpoint Pens edelbergs sloop ballpoint pens4 e1436170430136

The Sloop Ballpoint Pens have an absolute safe granted by a special retractable clip: as the point comes out the pen’s clip retracts into the barrel, this not only confers greater dynamism on Sloop writing instruments, it also prevents the typical damage caused to clothing by placing pens with exposed points in pockets. Every Sloop Ballpoint Pens is numbered to guarantee uniqueness.


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Edelberg’s Sloop Ballpoint Pens brabbu

Edelberg Haute Manufacture grants an original design as a result of the outstanding design attitude of the company.Edelberg Haute Manufacture grants an exclusive because Edelberg’s Sloop pens are the result of the application of the formidable Swiss craftsmanship and no less superlative and just as Swiss expertise concerning watchmaking technology.

edelbergs-sloop-ballpoint-pens(3)  Edelberg’s Sloop Ballpoint Pens edelbergs sloop ballpoint pens3 e1436170419397


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edelbergs-sloop-ballpoint-pens(2)  Edelberg’s Sloop Ballpoint Pens edelbergs sloop ballpoint pens2 e1436170408803

Finally, they are all equally refined and “Powerful” due to the materials used for the 12 models of the Sloop range: steel, sometimes coated with pvd, sometimes plated with 5N pink gold, and, depending on the model, shiny or matt carbon fibre, or even precious resins and lacquers.

ClubDelux, the vip luxury club, wanted to bring you the best of the luxury goods field on Ballpoint Pens by Edelberg Haute Manufacture.

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