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Fragrances’ trends for 2015 fragrances trends for 2015

Fragrances’ trends for 2015

Orange is the trend for 2015 fragrances. Considered by color psychologists as signaling renewal, it is an energetic and young color.

The color recalls optimism and is intimately connected with other warm color such as red and yellow, that take us to an evolution and dynamism step.

Aroma therapists say that orange essential oil enhance our mood in a positive way. So, the is a lis below of orange-colored perfumes to kick off 2015, or any other new beginnings.

Dupont S.T. Signature pour Femme

Do not be surprised therefore if this perfume is still under the radar fragrance designers. The nose has acknowledged once that he personally loves the scent of oranges.

Dupont-S.T. Signature_fragrances-trends-for-2015  Fragrances’ trends for 2015 Dupont S


Orange Spice by Creed

A Christmassy pot-pourri with that cozy smell of orange peel diffusing in the air together with other wintry, atmospheric scents which bespeak of the warmth of the hearth.

Orange-Spice-by-Creed_fragrances-trends-for-2015  Fragrances’ trends for 2015 Orange Spice by Creed fragrances trends for 2015


Serge Lutens Mandarine Mandarin

An opus inspired by the fruit named after Chinese literati or mandarins. The perfume is exotic and associated with ambergris.

Serge-Lutens-Mandarine-Mandarin_fragrances-trends-for-2015  Fragrances’ trends for 2015 Serge Lutens Mandarine Mandarin fragrances trends for 2015


Escada Taj Sunset

A great choice for a mango galore impression of orange.

Escada-Taj-Sunset_fragrances-trends-for-2015  Fragrances’ trends for 2015 Escada Taj Sunset fragrances trends for 2015


Robert Piguet Fracas

Allies tuberose with one of its partners in perfumery crime, orange. This floral note is often paired with a citrusy, orange note so as to bring out and enliven the sultriness of tuberose which could otherwise be overly stifling and heavy.


Robert-Piguet-Fracas_fragrances-trends-for-2015  Fragrances’ trends for 2015 Robert Piguet Fracas fragrances trends for 2015

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