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GIPSY Limited Edition  1 Gipsy LE

GIPSY Limited Edition

1-Gipsy-LE  GIPSY Limited Edition  1 Gipsy LE

Limited Edition has a long history creating luxurious patchwork carpets. The lastest new is Gipsy  rug that exudes an authentic Bohemian style, albeit with a contemporary interpretation and without magnifying the worn aspect. Pieces of cowhide make this fanciful patchwork complete.A successful experiment in sustainability.


2-mosaic-blue  GIPSY Limited Edition  2 mosaic blue


For the GIPSY design, Limited Edition’s designers have dipped into their stock of chenille and cowhide carpets and have recut and repurposed them to create a new luxurious line of patchwork rugs. The carpets, available in Imperial Purple and Sepia Red Pompeii, are manufactured in Belgium using traditional techniques. Comprising durable cotton and leather with a latex backing, GIPSY is a non-slip, sound absorbing, anti-static carpet, resistant to dirt and stains.


3-gipsy-mosaicblue  GIPSY Limited Edition  3 gipsy mosaicblue

Designer Katia De Witte founded Limited Edition in 1992, and plays an active in role in research, design and creation. Limited Edition dips into its stock of carpet designs from years past to deconstruct, re-dye and reassemble them into a dramatic collage of patterns and textures of woven chenille and cowhide. Made in Belgium. Desired by all. A successful experiment in sustainability. She manage her business with Philippe Hanet, her husband, is Katia’s partner at home and work, serving as Limited Edition’s chief financial executive. And keeping it in the family, James De Witte, Katia’s brother, is the man who seals the deals, overseeing the international commercial activities of Belgium’s most exclusive contemporary carpet company.


4-Philippe Hanet, James De Witte, Katia De Witte  GIPSY Limited Edition  4 Philippe Hanet James De Witte Katia De Witte

This family trio makes a concerted effort to maintain the benefits of an intimate business where all attention is focused on ethical staffing, impeccable service, close collaborations with customers, superior Belgian quality, sustainable production and innovative designs to decorate the most luxurious homes in every corner of the world.

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