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Luxury Closets Luxury Walk in Closet Design 305

Luxury Closets

The latest trend isn’t just owning the latest in style and fashion but also having an equally chic and luxurious space to store them in. Nowadays, closets are looking at having specially designed walk-in, high end closets which resemble plush designer boutiques. These are replete with the likes of clothing and handbags in glass display cases like sculptures; custom-designed couches, expensive crystal bars, sound systems, flat screen TVs and everything else your imagination can conjure.

Dream-closet-black-chandelier-hollywood-luxury-glamour-seating  Luxury Closets 2 Dream closet black chandelier hollywood luxury glamour seating
Dream Closet Black Chandelier Hollywood Luxury Glamour Seating


L.A. Closet Design, California Closets and New York-based Clos-ette are some of the leaders in this market and specialize in designing closets which are rooms in their own right and often the centre of attraction in the home. With material possessions on the rise, the day is not far when fashionistas will purchase dedicated apartments just to house their wardrobe!



luxury_walk_in_closets  Luxury Closets 3 luxury walk in closets1
Luxury Walk In Closets


Luxury Style Closet  Luxury Closets promo bg7
Luxury Style Closet


California Closets Luxury  Luxury Closets 1 California Closets Luxury Walk In Closet Burgundy1
California Closets Luxury


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