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Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands

Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands

Everyone remembers about Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw expensive taste on shoes. The world’s richest and most famous spend more money on shoes that the majority of people’s worldwide make in a year. And actually, shoes are housed in closets that are bigger than many people’s apartments.

But how much, exactly, are these exclusive shoe collections worth?

Shoes are women’s achilles heel and luxury shoe designers create a lot of designs each year to feed the desires of their awaiting clientele. It is no longer a wonder to find a woman who has 100 pairs of shoes or a wife that is shopping for new footwear.

The next list, of the most expensive shoe brands, is just to keep in mind that some people have hundreds, even thousands, of pairs of these exclusive shoes…


Stuart Weitzman

Stuart-Weitzman_Most-Exclusive-Women-Shoe-Brands  Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands Stuart Weitzman Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands


Although Stuart Weitzman was founded in Massachusetts, it is now manufactured in Spain. The company has been using a variety of intriguing materials not commonly found in shoes–including cork, vinyl, and 24-carat gold–Weitzman aims for rare and unique shoes.


Brian Atwood

Brian-Atwood_Most-Exclusive-Women-Shoe-Brands  Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands Brian Atwood Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands


Brian Atwood has a flagship store on Madison Avenue, one block from Central Park near Midtown Manhattan. Like many top luxury brands, these shows are carefully manufactured in Italy before being exported to the United States and elsewhere.


Christian Louboutin

Christian-Louboutin_Most-Exclusive-Women-Shoe-Brands  Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands Christian Louboutin Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands

Christian Louboutin shoes are known for their iconic red soles and ground-breakingly high heels. In fact, the red soles are so in demand that the company has an entire division dedicated to finding knockoffs.


Jimmy Choo

Jimmy-Choo_Most-Exclusive-Women-Shoe-Brands  Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands Jimmy Choo Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands


Jimmy Choo brand shoes are a favorite of Hollywood’s elite, and frequently are the shoes of choice for walking down the Red Carpet in style. Most Jimmy Choos range in price from the upper hundreds, to a couple of thousand. 


Manolo Blahnik

Manolo-Blahnik_Most-Exclusive-Women-Shoe-Brands  Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands Manolo Blahnik Most Exclusive Women Shoe Brands


Manolo Blahnik, though popular today, were against the fashion norms when they were first made in the 1970s. At the time, platform shoes and boots were all the rage, and few were wearing heels, let alone high-fashion stilettos.

Part of the reason these shoes are so expensive has to do with the exotic materials with which they are made. Some of the most expensive Monolos are the Blixa alligator, which is of course made with alligator skin. 

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