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Nebula  Nebula Suspension Lamp by Joris Laarman thumbnail 305

Nebula Suspension Lamp by Joris Laarman

1-JorisLaarman  Nebula Suspension Lamp by Joris Laarman 1 JorisLaarman


Joris Laarman was born in a small village called Borculo in the Netherlands in 1979 , he is known for his architectural interventions and product design with a poetic kind of engineering.

Next to a collection of highly unique products JL works for several well-known international design companies and galleries. He recently contributed in articles and seminars for Domus magazine and he was a guest teacher at European universities as well as the Architectural Association and Design Academy Eindhoven. This time his client is FLOS.



2-NEBULA_live  Nebula Suspension Lamp by Joris Laarman 2 NEBULA live


Nebula Suspension light with diffused light emission reminds a part of an epic science fiction story by Joris Laarman and it fits the bill perfectly. Sold through Italy-based FLOS, this unique lamp suspends from the ceiling and provides diffused lighting. Sure to provide a lot of drama, the main body is made using die-cast aluminum, while the surrounding ten cones are glass-blown. The constellation of lampshades are meant to resemble a burst of light and is assembled in a seemingly random way to give eternal youthfulness.


3-nebula-lamp  Nebula Suspension Lamp by Joris Laarman 3 nebula lamp


“This constellation of lampshades arose while playing and composing with many different sizes. I was struck by the strong image that appeared when I just combined them as a bunch. They emitted from a core like an explosion of light, like star in the sky. By combining these well recognizable shapes they form a chandelier-like suspension lamp making something very elegant from the ordinary. They are composed with care but still random leaving it a lively nebula hanging from ceiling”. Joris Laarman



4-nebula_lamp  Nebula Suspension Lamp by Joris Laarman 4 nebula lamp

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