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Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015

The last year was marked by some fabulous competition between great movies. American Hustle brought that classy style to the stage, but Her and Philomena also attempted to go to the top. Dallas Buyers Club took advantage of 2014 best actor Matthew McConaughey and while Gravity tried to grab the Oscar in the space, Captain Phillips went by water. The budget of the richman The Wolf of Wall Street contrasted with the top underdogs Nebraska, also nominated to the best movie. However, it seems Chiwetel Ejiofor was tired of its life of slavery, breakin’ it up to win the the Best Movie Award.

For you to antecipate these movies everyone falls in love with, you must really pay attention to this list Club Delux brings you today. We have for you the top movies that will be launched in 2015, some “must-see” cinema art for you to cure that addiction.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we hope the Academy will thank us for that.


10. Star Wars: Episode VII

star-wars  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 star wars

We start with the return of a great classy movie. Disney‘s Star Wars is back and it promises to be one of a kind again. It is rumoured that it will pick up the story of 30 years, after the events of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Luke, Han, and Leia appear as old characters.

9. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

hungergames  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 hungergames

And if the 10th is classic, this one here is on fashion. The Hunger Games are more alive than never and, as the book readers know, this episode will bring some action no one wants to miss. Critics felt the ending of the Mockingjay book was rushed, so it will be interesting to see how some plot elements act now.

8. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

avengers  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 avengers

Fiction? Classic style again? It could on ly be Marvel. Super heroes are back and, as usual, everyone wants to know which characters will appear on the movie. Scarlet Witch, Ant Man, Wasp and Doctor Strange are rumoured, but something you could count on is on Iron Man, that will be a key on this new Marvel story.

7. Inside Out

 Insideout  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 Insideout

Disney Pixar is also back and now it stakes it all in a movie about a 12 year-old girl. Inside Out is an adventure little Riley will pass through and some adult people are expected to like this movie too. It seems something very special is on our way.

6. Superman vs Batman

SupermenBatman  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 SupermenBatman

The year of 2015 will bring a clash between comics – DC and Marvel – and between comics’ characters! Who would expect Superman and Batman will fight one against each other?! Everyday new rumours appear on the internet and the producers have to lead with high pressure, because this movie everyone wants to see can’t fail. At the moment, just Wonder Woman is confirmed besides this two guys.

5. Peanuts

 peanuts-cgi  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 peanuts cgi1

Another coming back! Who would imagine Snoopy will get back on stage, 30 years after Charlie Schulz’s last movie? New 3D technology will revive this famous character; on the other hand, Linus and Lucy will also appear. Will children of nowadays feel what their parents fell on the childhood?

4. Fifty Shades of Grey

 fifty-shades-of-grey  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 fifty shades of grey

What best attracts people and keep them connected to a movie? Romance and sex scenes. Grey promises to be a very hot movie fans and the newest public won’t want to miss. The first adaptation of the sequel is being spoiled by book readers, but there will be nothing as seeing the movie by yourself. Besides, one of By Koket‘s products will appear on the big screen.

3. Fantastic Four

fantastic-four  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 fantastic four

And… guess what? Marvel again! One of the most famous comics’ teams is also back and, after the good feedback of 2005, Fantastic Four is expected to appear in other Marvel movies. On the opposite way, fans wait to see Spiderman on this one.

2. Jurassic Park

JurassicWorld  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 JurassicWorld

In this year of returns, who would imagine Disney brings dinossaurs again?! Fans wait to see some brand new ideas, but you can be sure DNA experiments will continue on this one. Maybe the major idea is already known: cientists of the park will try to breed humans with dinossaurs!

1. James Bond 24

daniel-craig  Ten Antecipated Movies you must see in 2015 daniel craig

Daniel Craig is again the most famous secret agent of history. The most expected movie of the next year wants to keep the success 007 Skyfall had, even because it let $1 billion at the box office. This one here will be much more realistic and, for that, also more violent, responding to the Bourne of last years. Who will miss this new episode?

From what you read, which of these could be the best for you?

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