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The perfect HAT for Ascot by Gina Foster Gina embed 2244855a

The perfect HAT for Ascot by Gina Foster

The perfect HAT for Ascot by Gina Foster Gina embed 2244855a




Gina Foster makes gorgeous millinery. If you’re the Duchess of Cambridge, or in that set, or for that matter, Miriam González Durántez Clegg, who wore Foster’s Excelsior (£198) to the Diamond Jubilee thanksgiving service at St Paul’s, you already know that.

If on the other hand, the thought of having to wear a proper, Occasion Hat sends you into a tail-spin – and it’s remarkable how many otherwise rational women become alarmed/angered/indignant-to-the-point of becoming a class warrior at the prospect of having to place decorative straw in proximity to scalp – and you’re ready to splash out, this is your woman.

Foster’s hats deliver high style and drama without ever veering into fatuous exhibitionism. Whether it’s Premier, £480, a giant black flower perched on the side of the head, Krupp £495, a Zaha Hadid-ian falling petal with an undertow of silk flowers most recently seen on the Duchess of Cambridge, or my own favourite, Millennium, £375, a smallish pillbox with a corona of flowers and veil that’s designed to be worn towards the front of the head, they are beautiful, and romantic, yet sculptural, precise and chic.

Source: Telegraph

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