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Top 10 Beaches for this Summer CORFU

Top 10 Beaches for this Summer

We’re now in the Summer and hotness is growing up. But this season means great nightlife, exotic feelings and, of course, beach vacations. Adventure seekers look for exciting attractions, like exotic jungles or a historically important port city; honeymooners gravitate toward deserted islands with palm-fringed beaches of the softest sand on Earth; finally, a family may be looking for fun-filled beach towns that have boardwalks where they can take their dog for a amusement. Club Delux has some tips to give you, but you’ll certainly need to invest. Enjoy the best 10 beaches of 2014.


10. Ambergris Caye

AMBERGRIS CAYE Beach  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer AMBERGRIS CAYE Beach

This paradisiacal beach located in Belize has the biggest reef of the planet, called Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. It’s like the “eye” of Atlantic Ocean, because its dark colour contrasts with the turquoise water of the Ambergris Island. Beach, bird watch, bike, golf, and take a variety of tours in the Caribbean Sea to fish, snorkel, dive, windsurf or sail are some activities made for you and for your health.

9. Soufriere

SOUFRIERE  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer SOUFRIERE

It’s a small but vibrant town on St. Lucia’s west coast.  Natural attractions like the now-dormant volcano Qualibou, Sulphur Springs, dozens of waterfalls and the expansive St. Lucia Rainforest make this Summer beach one of a kind. If you don’t know what to choose, maybe The Pitons – the two mountains of the coast – will be able to make your day.

8. Cartagena

CARTAGENA  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer CARTAGENA

Yes, the name is like the Spanish city of Cartagena. It’s the history of it, linked with past by the religious and military figures across the beach, that takes Cartagena beach to the top. Not just restaurants and bars of all kind, but also art galleries must be on the journey’s plan.

7. Corsica

CORSICA  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer CORSICA

Napoleon born on this breathtaking beach, in 1769. The powdery sand, coarse golden grains and beaches strewn with pebbles polished by the sea seem to be sculptured exclusively for Corsica’s beach. What’s our advice for you to have fun here? Maybe the best is to hike!

6. Corfu

CORFU  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer CORFU

A mix of Greek, Venetian, French and British cultures influence palaces, monuments and fortresses of one of the very best beaches you can find in Europe.  The leisure meets even more culture in the Corfu Beer and Gastronomy Festival, that occurs every year in this beautiful coast of Greece.

5. Hvar

Suncani_Hvar0394  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer Suncani Hvar0394

Welcome to Croatia, Hvar City, a good option for yachtlovers and sailors. Hvar’s St. Stephen’s Square is the main gathering place with restaurants, shops and a port that is nearly always packed with yachts and sailboats. Lush hillsides that are dotted with olive groves, vineyards, aromatic lavender fields, pine forests, and fruit orchards feature this beautiful beach.

4 Ocean Grove

OCEAN GROVE BEACH 2014  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer OCEAN GROVE BEACH 2014

New Jersey Shore’s tourism was threatned by the Hurricane Sandy, but the coasts’ rebuilt took tourists back again to its 130 beaches! Once again, culture matters and the architecture of buildings is a proof of it.

3. Emerald Coast


In the small Nicaragua, there’s a beach known for eco-friendly accommodations, active adventures on land and at sea and impressive colonial architecture in its cities. Emerald Coast beaches are spread all over Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Is it possible to find something more paradisiacal than this?

2. Tokoriki Island

TOKORIKI BEACH  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer TOKORIKI BEACH

Tokoriki is known throughout the South Pacific for its palm-fringed be aches of powdery soft sand and its reef that astounds divers and snorkelers who are especially interested in sneaking a peek of a Fijian Giant Clam. The new resort will offer 101 rooms and suites, including Family Suites and Tokoriki Retreats that feature private plunge pools.

1. Koh Samui

KOH SAMUI  Top 10 Beaches for this Summer KOH SAMUI

The top beach for this Summer is located in Thailand it its name is Koh Samui. Soft white-sand covers this absolute paradise, full of suites and villas with private pools and terraces each. There’s nature and luxury, health and wealth, fun and culture.  Vana Belle’s proximity to Chaweng and other economical dynamic areas means easiness exploring the area, checking out local restaurants and go on shopping sprees.

Which beach is you favourite? What Summer destinations do you prefer instead of beaches?

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