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TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events millionaire f 600x450


There are opportunities for business and some splurging to be tapped. And what can be a better place to do so than at a luxury event? Here are the top 10 annual luxury events you should be marking on your calendar

TOP LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events millionaire f 600x450

The Millionaire Fair: If you want to meet the best in the luxury business and have a first look at their exclusive goods and services, the Millionaire Fair is the place to be. The first fair took place in Amsterdam in 2002 and was in sync with the theme of The Luxury Lifestyle, the magazine. The event showcases all kinds of products and services from the luxury bracket like cars, antiques, interior decor, spirits, helicopters, fashion, fine foods, beauty electronics, property and finance. This year the fair will be held in Noordwijk, The Netherlands from August 26- 28.


TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events masterpeice f 600x450

The Masterpiece Fair: The Masterpeice Fair, usually held in London every year, is for art lovers. It showcases exquisite pieces of art ranging from antiques to contemporary. It will include exhibits from Bugati, Cartier and Cognac to Picasso. You can also experience fine dining at the fair at the iconic restaurant Le Caprice. This year the fair will take place from June 30 – July 5.

BEST LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events sea fair 600x450

SeaFair: This luxury fair takes place on a yacht at different venues and different times of the year. It is a fine arts expo on a $40 million purpose yacht and showcases international fine art, jewellery and collectables. The yacht has 28 exhibition spaces, a coffee bar, a champagne and caviar lounge and an open air restaurant and a cocktail area over four decks. This year, the SeaFair begins in Newport, California from June 30 – September 5 and ends in December in Tisbury, Masachusetts via Greenwich, New England; Tampa, Florida and Sarasota, Florida.

TOP LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events top marques 600x450

Top Marques: Top Marques is a luxury car event.  It exhibits some of the hottest cars, best designs and technologies coming out of the automotive industry.  The event, which began in Monaco in 2003, is a full-fledged automobile show. So, if you want to feast your eyes on luxe boats too, this is the place to be. At this April’s edition of the luxury fair, top watches make their debut with time pieces from IWC, Montblanc, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Roger Dubuis and Franck Muller going on display. We can expect something similar at the Shanghai edition from October 21- 23 this year.

TOP LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events luxury and ya 600x450

Luxury and Yachts: This is an annual luxury boating event. It showcases premier boating equipment and services for water sports like surfing, water skiing, and diving. It also showcases charters, motorboats, and luxurious yachts.  The 2010 fair included cars, motorcycles, helicopters, watches, jewellery, antiques, modern and contemporary art, furniture, accessories, high technology, fashion and accessories. This year’s theme is ‘new vision of luxury’. The Luxury and Yachts show will be held from November 24- 27 at Verona Exhibition Centre, Italy.

BEST LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events luxury please 600x450

Luxury, Please: Luxury, Please is a place where the best in everything is showcased. It includes luxe products from a varying range including fashion, art, jewellery, timepieces, real estate, yachts, aircraft, cars and culinary specialities. Also included are a chance to view performing arts, presentations and lounges for you to put your feet up.  This year, the focus is on real estate, cars, yachts and aircraft. Luxury, Please will take place between November 18- 20 in Vienna, Austria.

BEST LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events world royal 600x450

World Royal: World Royal is primarily a yachting event and makes the most luxurious yachts available to buyers. Held in Tarragona, Spain, it has become a ground for networking for those in the yachting industry like builders, brokers, naval architects, designers, financiers and insurance services. The event also includes exhibits from makers of jewellery, watches, toys like supercars, motorcycles and jets, and even has seminars on wealth management. The World Royal took place in April this year. In 2012, the fair will be held from April 19 -22.

BEST LUXUTY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events deluxe 600x450

Deluxe: The Deluxe Fair is a complete luxury event where buyers can check out luxury yachts, cars and champagne. It also includes fashion shows, cocktail receptions, fine dining experiences and entertainment. It was first held in Sardina in 2004 and held its last edition in Russia in 2010. It will be held at Porto Cervo in June 2012, as well as editions in Moscow, Monaco and China in the same year

BEST LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events sustainable f 600x450

1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair: As the name suggests, this event is all about durable and sustainable luxury; keeping intact style and beauty of course.  The 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair is for those who are serious about cutting down their carbon footprint. Products and services showcased can vary from eco hospitality and spas to architecture, fashion, jewellery, design and new technologies. This year the Sustainable Luxury Fair was to take place in April in Paris, but it has been postponed to 2012.

BEST LUXURY FAIRS  TOP 10 LUXURY FAIRS luxury events hainan rendev 600x450

Hainan Rendezvous: Another event showcasing high-end lifestyle brands is the Hainan Rendezvous fair, where the super rich can check out super yachts, business jets and more.  The first edition of the fair, held in 2010, clocked orders worth 90 million euros. This year, the Hainan Rendezvous took place in April, and we’re waiting for 2012’s dates to be announced.


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